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Home Education Art Groups 

Home Education Art groups are Online or In person and are run by me (Kim), a Qualified Art & Design Teacher and Arts award adviser.

They are a great opportunity for children to get together and be taught Art. A tailored curriculum is designed to suit the individuals within the groups and all participants have the opportunity to achieve a Arts Award qualification.

The groups offers the opportunity for the children to achieve a Bronze, Silver and Gold Arts award qualification. Which is an accredited qualification.

Bronze = level 1, Silver = level 2 and Gold= level 3 with 16 UCAS points.

(Additional submissions fees applies which are subject to each qualification)

Each class is fun, focused and creative and allows every child to explore and experiment with a range of media, techniques and processes. The classes develop and refine individual ideas and develop the skills to make connections to art movements and styles. The children are encouraged to express and create personal responses to topics and themes they are interested in. 

The groups are mixed ages and abilities as I tailor and differentiate each session based on the individuals rather then as a group.

Groups Home Ed Art groups

Day /Time: Wednesdays 10am -11am 

Place:  Online

​£10 per session, Per child

Day /Time: Wednesdays 11am -12pm 

Place:  Online

​£10 per session, Per child

Day /Time: Wednesdays 1pm - 2pm 

Place:  Online

​£10 per session, Per child

Day /Time: Wednesdays 4pm - 5pm 

Place:  Online

​£10 per session, Per child

Day /Time: Fridays 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Place:  In person at The Mad Hatters Studio, Holyhead

​£15 per session, Per child

(All classes run term time only) I also offer 121 tuition in person and online.

message me for more information

There are 2 payment options available:

- In full for the academic year & Monthly Payments 

If you know 5 or more children that would benefit from an art group.

Additional groups can be set up online & face to face

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