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Health & Safety Policy

The Health and Safety of you and your child is very important to me and I have therefore documented the following procedures that I have in place to support this.

  • I hold comprehensive Public Liability insurance.  The certificate is with me at the sessions.

  • I am DBS (Data Barring Services) checked. 

  • I have a procedure for recording accidents (form for myself/parent to fill in) however your child is your full responsibility at all times.

  • The parent/career is aware and accepts full responsibility for their child at all times during classes/sessions/workshops/parties held by Arty Artisans.

  • All equipment will be checked and cleaned regularly to ensure they are safe for your child to use. Any broken or hazardous equipment will be removed immediately.

  • Children will only be offered equipment and resources that are suitable for their age/stage of development.

  • I carry out a risk assessment of my venues before every session/workshop or party before the children/parents arrive to ensure that it is a safe environment.

  • In the event of a fire/evacuation please follow the Fire instructions found at fire exits in the venues. Please make yourself aware of these procedures as you enter the building.

  • Smoking or vaping is not permitted inside any venue.

  • I will work with you to teach the children about safety issues such as using scissors

  • Children need to be supervised at all times by the parents/guardians/careers in all classes that state so.


If you have any concerns regarding the health and safety of your child, please discuss them with me.

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